GUKPT £500 Report and Rest of the Year

<<---This is a long post so here's Megan to keep you happy.

The £500 didn't go great for me and I busted late on Day 1. After finding KK 1st hand (and making a huge 300 chips) the rest of my day was down to some marginal holdings and having to make bigish laydowns. It was a double chance 4000+4000, but after the 1st hand everone on the table took the ticket (which I was going to anyway).

A few hands of note:

I find JJ in EP at the 50/100 level and pop it up to 400 and get MP (solid player) and BB (calling station) call. Board comes down 4 6 8 with two clubs. BB checks, I fire 800, MP and BB call...hmmmm.  Turn is a 3d. BB checks, I check for pot control (not sure if I should have fired again here, but MP insta-called my bet and just looked confident). MP fires 1650. I'm not really sure what to make of this bet. It straight up prices me out any flush draws (although there are some implied odds) and stinks of a set value betting, but with 5300 in the pot I feel I have to call and hopefully get a cheap showdown. River brings the 3rd club (9c). I check again and he fires 3600. I can't be good here and I ain't shipping my tourney life on level 2 with one pair OOP so I fold with a healthy 5k behind. Looking back now, I should have probably bet the turn, folding to a raise instead of being a passive fanny, but pot control was my thinking with 3 of us in the hand.

At the 75/150 level I'm still around 5k. I'm on the BB and find JJ again. MP raises to 525, CO calls and SB shoves for 3k. If this was BvB then I snap call, but with two players to act behind me I tank it then fold. Original raiser and caller also fold and sb shows KK! GG me.

Exit hand:- I finally work my stack back up to around 9k by finding AKh with a flop of As 9h 7h. Betting all the way, turn K! River blank and take a nice pot. I quickly lose 3.5k of this in a race against another short stack with AKs vs 99. Dwindle down to 4k and eventually shove at with KQs. Get looked up by Andy Bradshaw with 77. Flop a Q but river is a 7 and I'm off to the cash table.

I did enjoy the comp though, but I don't think I would like to be staked for live tournies again. It just adds pressure which I could do without. Don't get me wrong though....I'm very grateful to my backers for showing faith in me so ...

Gaz Peck
Steve Bro
Rick Gilby
Phil Leddy
Tim France

I had a horse in the £500 (Gnashers) and he managed to bubble. FML!! I also had shares in DoubleBubble in the M/E and he bust out late on last night after a flying start amongst the CLs at first break. He was short, but got another sick sick beat to add to his resumé - All in pre with AK vs Kd4d. Flop = 3 x diamonds. nh.
The following afternoon I played the £30 r/b sat for the M/E (1500 starting chips, 1500 add-on). 96 runners made 8 seats. I dealt the first few hours and dealt my self some belting hands. Down to 26 players and I get moved with 20k (no rebuy or add-on. smooth). I raise the first hand with shite in LP to welcome myself to the table and take down the blinds. I decide to do this a few more times and quickly donk off my entire stack. Some people have no respect! I munched down the sweet chilli chicken buffet before departing and that was the best food I've ever eaten in a G Casino.
Good luck to Clarkatroid, Little John and The Rev who survived day 1a (John 5th in chips at his first GUKPT!).
This post is getting tl;dr so I'll wrap up. Next month I'll be playing at the AWOP Xmas party £40 f/o which was a blast last year as well as the online APAT thing. That's pretty much it. I don't have a roll online at the moment (fixing up the house) so I can't play any cash.....I NEED A STAKE!
I'm looking forward to next year as I'm playing the APAT team event and I'm gonna be trying my ball sack off to qualify for some of the new UK and Ireland PokerStars tour events that have been announced.
That's it.


Kevin Stevens said...

Gonna have a crack at some of the Irish events on the new tour, fancy Galway although thats a big buy-in, Killarney was great, good venue and lovely place but its a real fecker to get too.

NoCash said...

Yeah I believe so. Ireland in general is a ball ache for me since they scrapped the Blackpool to Dublin flights.

rubbish said...

Sounds like you had a few tough breaks there mate.