I Win Bets

Last week I decided enough was enough and I was going to actually win something that I bet on. It worked out quite well.

First on all was the CBMPT playoff in Blackpool for a £10k sponsorship package to play the Coral Tour next year. Obviously, I wasn't playing this having not binked a main event or been top money winner (just £1k - sigh) but some of the people I met on the tour were. Coral were running an official book on the event, but in stepped James Keys to run his own book on AWOP with better prices:

Leg 1 :- Jim O’Connell 8/1

Leg 2 :- Tom McDonald 7/2

Leg 3 :- Mark Trett 10/1

Leg 4 :- Chris Brammer 11/4F

Leg 5 :- Steve Holden 6/1

Leg 6 :- John Gardner 12/1

Online League :- John Littler 14/1

Money Winners League:- Richard Lewis 8/1

Having only played against Chris Brammer and Mark Trett the choice was out of those two. Mark knocked me out of the Teesside M/E and went on to win it and I thought his play was excellent. At 10/1, the choice was easy. $20 on. By about 9.30pm that night, Mark had won the event. Ship it Keys! Very well played Mark...I wish you best of luck with your sponsorship package - as long as your not on my table obv.

Next up was the Sunday night 'Mirror Prop Bet' that Amatay came up with over at RTR. The idea behind this was a group of fish all play the same set of Multi-Table SNGs and/or MTTs and everyone sticks $20 in the prize pool. Donk that wins the most money in all comps wins.
There were only 4 of us in the end (Me, BurnleyMik, Amatay and Richeh) which was disappointing, but hopefully if we do this again we will get more. The games we played, all on Stars, were:

$4.40 / 180 Man Sng
$12 / 180 Man Sng
$22 / 180 Man Sng
The Bloggermner $5.50 MTT

I managed a final table in the Bloggerement (outside the money) and 4th place in the $12 SnG which was good for $150. Only other person to cash was Richeh taking 3rd in the bloggerment, but my $150 was good enough to take the bet down. Ship it bitches.

Out of nowhere, I got a little cash roll to start grinding 25NL again. Admittedly I'm a little under-rolled (ahem), but I crushed last time and hopefully varience won't chew me out and I can do it again. With pay day looming I can also top up my roll so I've got 20 BIs. It'll be nice to start next year with something of a BR so I can set myself some kind of challenge or goal. I've decided to try out the Micorgaming network via the Purple Lounge Skin. BurnleyMik has got us a top rake back deal and playing there will help support RTR so I'm happy to give it a try.

Does anyone have any ideas for a year long challenge in 2010 for a 25NL player?? Please post your thoughts.

Coming up this month is the AWOP xmas party which is always a right laugh and plenty of pissed up poker goes down a treat. Last year I sat down at a £1/£1 cash game with £100 and walked out 6 hours later with ~£1800. MBFN!!! Mostly thanks to a very drunk Steph 'The Mole' Boyd....cheers fella :-)

1st thing I'm looking forward to in 2010 is the APAT UK Team Championship in Manchester. I've been selected to play for Team AWOP as I was last year. I also know RTR and NPF are fielding a team so there's going to be plenty of banter and it's gonna be loud! The AWOP (winning) team is as follows:

1. Rick "DoubleBubble" Gilby

2. Dave "NoCash" Garden"

3. Martin "Bigbills" Devlin

4. Ky"Hutch" Hutchinson

5. Paul "Murph" Murphy

6. Phill "Flisby" Gilby

7. Anna "PokerB1tch81" Astley

8. John "Little John" Hare


Dave "Bruce" Lea said...

Thats some nice betting mate.

Looks like another cracking APAT Competition and you have some really strong players in your team (including youself of course) reckon you guys will have a real good chance of taking it down.

Thanks for your advice on my last post I will look into rake deals etc. For all my shouting and balling on my last post about Stars, I ended up shipping a big one last night.

Full details will be on my blog later tonight.

Once again thanks for your help, really appreciated.

NoCash said...

No probs mate. If you want to get the same Purple Lounge deal, give me a shout and I'll put you in touch with Mik from RTR who is sorting it for me.

Wp on Stars by the way...I'm convinced the RNG hates people from the north west :-)

rubbish said...

Surely there's enough fish on RTR to have a year long prop bet? I'm guessing Defty, Mik, Snake, Cogs and all would get involved wouldn't they?

NoCash said...

It's more of a challenge or goal setting really (rather than a propr bet) such as a target to reach or a level to be playing at. I just don't really know what's realistic to aim for over a 12 month period.

Amatay said...

haha, the Mole. I've met that fish a few times. Once in Luton and once in Dublin. Cray fish who plays pretty high i believe like 200/400 sometimes. sicko