DTD £300 Deepstack

I've been wanting to play this comp for a while, but I'd only ever played on satellite to it and failed miserably. With one thing or another going on when the sats are running I'd never really got round to it....until last night. DTD Online had a last chance sat with 20 seat gtd and I managed to qualify. It was tense close to the bubble and I was down to 17k at one point with blinds at 4000 / 8000, but a few well timed (desperate) steals kept me afloat. It's difficult to steal when you have a wild gambler on the BB with a HUGE stack.

The deciding hand for me came when I was on around 40k in the SB. It folded round to the button who shoved for 50k. I ponder this for a while and decide I can't pass with my stack and call. The BB (45k) then tanks stating he has QQ!! Shit shit shit. Fortunately he makes the laydown and I'm HU with the button who shows K5o. The board bricks out and I'm up to about 90k and fold my way to a seat.

Well done also to Ky 'TheHutch' Hutchinson who also managed a seat. That's two members of Team AWOP playing. Good practice for the APAT team event.

I'll update on Monday with how I got on (if I can be arsed).



Snake Eyes said...

GL mate, would be a lovely score before xmas, about 20K+ ftw?

Dave "Bruce" Lea said...

WP That Man.

Get it shipped, its a class comp!!

Best of Luck.

NoCash said...

Cheers. Yeah shipping it shouldn't be a problem with my mad skillz :-)

rubbish said...

Good Luck Dave. Run good one time fella.