[ ] Good Weekend of Poker

No. It was a shit weekend of poker.

DTD £300 Deepstack - KK cracked by JQ. Back home for 9pm.

APAT WCOAP 6-Max Event - Out in first hour. Go it all in with AcKc on a flop of 2c3c5s. Called by 73o (wtf). Miss the 18 outs. He said he was 'bored'.

Bloggerment - got the dunce monkey. AIPF AK vs JQ. JQ hit 2p.

ECOOP V #3 replay thing tonight. Going back with 20BBs. Full of confidence obviously.

Fuck off poker you minge.


Dave "Bruce" Lea said...

LOL UL mate.

What a great update, str8 to the point!!

Get that foookin ECOOP thingy smahed up tonight.

Best of luck.

NoCash said...

Well done on your medal!

BurnleyMik said...

That monkey can be fiddlin with the donkeys up there in Blackpool!!

He looks a little happier on your blog tha he was down south.

unlucky on the poker and cheers for the ast longer bet money :-)

gl in the ECOOP.



rubbish said...

QJ has it in for you. At least it wasn't the hammer that did you in the APAT. Sick fucking beat though.
19 outs by the way.

NoCash said...

18 outs. think you are counting the 4c twice.

rubbish said...

That's why I'm Rubbish@poker and a fuckwit to boot.