PLO Adventure

1st post of 2010. Happy new year and all that.

I've decided to take a little break from NLH and learn PLO. I've got a shit ton of training videos to get through from Deuces Cracked which are really good. Obviously i'm crap and I'm losing atm, but it's great fun and a nice change. Don't think I'll play any NLH until the APAT Event now.

I've got $500 on FTP so I'm gonna grind PLO at 0.05/0.10 level and see how it goes. Actually had my first winning session this morning despite running 5BIs below EV. However, the afternoon session was terrible and I spunked it all and then some. I'll keep at it though.

I intend to work on my record keeping this year as well so I can show all my gay wins and losses every month. thats the idea anyway.



rubbish said...

Very difficult to bluff in PLO Dave because most of the time someones holding something decent. And don't over play Aces, you hardly ever win a pot with one pair.
Happy New Year mate, hopefully we'll meet up for a few beers in 2010.

Snake Eyes said...

Ask BM for some PLO 'expert' coaching lol

NoCash said...

Cheers Rubbish,
Yeah I've been through about 8 hours of coaching videos now and I'm realising what it's not okay to stack off with. Gonna start grinding properly later this week.

Hopefully be at whatever meetup we do this year!

Snake - I'll catch him at the APAT game and doing the opposite of anything he tells me. :-)

Mr Origami said...

Happy New Year Dave....PLO is a fun fun fun game mate...enjoy...dont play it pissed though!!

BurnleyMik said...

hahahaha. You haven't even mastered NLH yet fish! beat one before attempting to conquer another.. :o)

BTW, my PLO advice is normally priceless. I was considering becoming a coach at the game.