APAT Swansea and DTD £5k Added on 10th April

Sorry for the lack of updates - I've not been arsed about this blog for a while, but I'm planning on starting to play a bit more so will try and keep it up to date.

Last thing I played was APAT Swansea busting in 25th just before end of day 1. It was a hell of a trek to Swansea (6 hours - 1hour of which was the last mile into Swansea Centre) and not one I'd ever do again for a £75 comp...Anyway.....

APAT Swansea...... I was amongst the chip leaders at the dinner break but went seriously card dead for around 2 hours on my return. The aggro factor on my table had increased a lot so it wasn't long before a lot of other stacks caught up. One key pot which fucked me was at 200/400 level when I opened from the btn to 1350 from a 25k stack with AKs. SB insta-fucking-snap my cock off ships for around 13k. He obv ain’t doing this with AA or KK imo as my raise looks like a standard steal and he'd want value. I figure a range of JJ or less and AK or less so it's a fairly easy call. He flips 88 and I obviously miss.

I win most of it back from another guy a few hands later though when I re-ship on him with QQ vs KK. I bink a Q on the flop and the damage is undone. This is the last real hand of note though. I struggle through the next few hours card dead, missing a few shove spots and generally being a fanny until I bust at around 11.15pm.

I left Aspers at about 11.30pm and walked into a war zone of pissed up slags and drunken slobs. It was like Talbot Square / Queen Street in Blackpool at the height of the season x 10. Fucking mental. I was gonna play the Omaha comp the following day, but gave it a swerve as I was feeling a bit dodgy when I left on Sat night and never regged..

The missus came with me to Swansea (driver FTW!) so we had a nice day out watching the Man U / Liverpool game on the Sunday. Before that we took a swim in the hotel pool which was nice and I was mildly knackered after it, but some decent hotel room pumpage with the missus brought me round.

After the dismal defeat at the hands of the scum, we went round the shops and dicked about in HMV for about an hour without buying anything. In the evening we went for a meal at Frankie and Benny's (always shit) and were back at the hotel in bed in time for the BBC's "Wonders of the Solar System" - Rock and Roll or what! The ride home was long and shit and for some reason I nearly passed out on the M4 so Kel took over driving duty once again whilst I sat in the passenger seat and re-adjusted my life. I was home for an hour then into work (on my day off!) for an 8 hour overtime shift from 6pm until 2am. FMFL! All good fun though.

I also played the APAT Online UK Championship and brain farted a massive stack away after a deep run - taking a huge risk with 22 hoping for a flip for the chip lead. Stupid fucker. Rebuilt my stack quite quickly but then just bolloxed it again with a huge bluff. Eventually the guy made a good call and it was good night me.

Just as an aside - I've decided to virtually eradicate open limping from my tourney game, both live and online and it seems to be working wonders. I had a super deep run in the $11 $30k GTD on Stars doing this the other night coming 24th out of 4700+ runners as well as some close finishes in AWOP comps.

A group of us from the North West are off to play the £5k added at DTD on Saturday for old man Flisby's 40th Birthday. It should be interesting considering it's online qualifiers only or direct buy-ins for those that have raked 250 hands on DTD online site. Obv loads of us just played super micros for a few hours. Fkin waste of time imo although I did play some 0.05/0.10 PLO and pretty much won the full €63 buy-in.

I've not been grinding at all as I currently have no roll to speak of. I’ve just been making deposits and playing a few donkaments and spinning up a little cash. This is terrible obviously.

I'm considering making a significant deposit at the end of April - enough to grind 25nl comfortably (40 buy-ins) and maybe even have the odd table of 50nl on the go....and maybe even a bit of PLO - but maybe not :-) I'll just see how I feel about poker at the end of this month, but I do miss the cash grind and I think I can be a little more disciplined now. I just can't be arsed building a roll from scratch again. I'll find some training vids for a refresher I think and maybe ask Snake and Burnleymik for a couple of sweat sessions being the 50nl fish that they are.

Trip report for DTD will be up next week. Note to self - "Don't lose your shoes Dickhead".


Snake Eyes said...

Errrr, 25nl fish me is atm mate lol, should be moving back up soon, looks like the doomswitch has been turned off lol

Not long till Newcastle weeeeeeeee!!

NoCash said...

You'll do for me mate!
Newcastle is gonna be sick. We still looking for another fish for the team? I have a mate who is as bad as me on the piss who plays a bit. he'd be ideal.

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