DTD £5k added

Following on from my last post, I didn't manage to cash the DTD £5k added event. Played pretty well, but went out about 30th. I'm not going to go into a load of hands but in the end I made an over-aggro push with AK to give me a top 5 stack, but ran into to KK. It was a spot where I was 90% sure it was AA or KK but gambled it up anyway. Really didn't need to gamble at that point in the game either. Cock.

I faired no better on cash either doing my bollocks at £2 / £2 Omaha sacking off £150 in about 20 mins, however, the banter at the cash tables was quality. Martin 'Big_Bills' Devlin who I travelled down with ,was super-duper wankered (the best kind imo) and had about 5 last warnings about his behaviour. Watching his head almost explode when I bluffed him off KK with J9 after he told me his hand was priceless. Cunt got me back though when he called me all the way to the river with bottom pair and hit a set for my last stack. Twat.

Devs was bollocked for his swearing and drunkeness about 10 times and was eventually told no more drink. At one point we had two security guards sat on the table behind us waiting for anyone to step out of line. At this point, Steve Hayley (who I was sharing a room with) was told by the dealer to get his drink off the table. No less than 10 seconds later it was back on the table, horizontal, nicely coating the flop and the pot in beer. Queue pissed of security guards and dealer moving us to a new table (still not kicking anyone out).

To keep Devs in the buliding, The Hutch suggested replacing the word 'fuck' with the word 'pineapple'. This worked for approx 3 mins before Devs got it wrong and shouted 'Fucking Pineapple' at the dealer. Quality. What a lovely change it was for me not to be the most pissed person at a poker table (I didn't start drinking until 7pm to avoid the headaches I suffered in Swansea). After that I made it a little mission to get Devs kicked out (y'know just to watch his head explode), but repeated claims to the floor staff that he raped me didn't seem to have an effect.

Unfortunately, I couldn't play the Sunday comp as I had to drive back to Blackpool at 8am for a christening but I think I would have been too tired anyway.

All in all, a quality weekend.


Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

What a great night! Your bluff was J4 off, I will never forget :)
I had to eat a van load of humble pie on Sunday and dodge the meat head bouncer who wanted to fill me in. Nice post Dave.

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