NPF Team Game

This weekend sees the NPF Team Game at the Grovesnor in Newcastle. I'm playing for Team Raise the River (I'm usually team AWOP as you know) this time and I'm sure we're all going to have a massive piss-up serious and hard fought game of poker.

The last jolly I went on was for Flisby's birthday bash to DTD. After playing well in the comp I decided to go on a little cash mission and left Texas Hold'em behind to play some live cash Omaha poker. This was a massive fucking disaster for me (due to being drunk) and I donked off a fair wedge in no time at all. I am asking, no, DEMANDING that if anyone from RTR sees me go near an Omaha cash game that they glass me in the mouth and confiscate my wallet. I'd hate to come back broke again....but that's not going to be an issue as I'm gonna dominate the shit out of the team comp and won't have a chance to play on a cash table :-)

I'm also not going to be drinking much before 7/8 pm as I actually want to give one of these team games a proper go for a change rather than being mindless drunk. Although it is fun, it's not too profitable and I'd love to get some bragging rights over the other forums competing.

The itinerary for the weekend, as far as I know is:

Meet Rubbish at my house after his journey from South Wales.
Go for out for a curry or whatever
Decide whether we go to The G or the Castle for a comp of sack it off and get pissed on the Blackpool tourist trail.
Back to mine for a quick spoon

Meet DOV and Mr O. in a carpark and travel to Newcastle.
Meet the other RTR fish at the hotel and pick up our high fashion T-Shirts / Hoodies.
Have a few beers at the casino
Start the comp
Finish Day 1 as chip leader obviously with all of RTR still in
Get smashed up

Kick the 3 strippers out of my bed
Hair of the dog in the hotel bar
Put clothes on
Go Casino
Win Comp
Get smashed up
Doesn't matter what happens next as I won't remember

Kick the 4 super models out of my bed.
Check out
Get in Mr Os car
Fall asleep and try no to be sick
Get out in Blackpool
Get dressed
Go home.

Easy game.

Just need to give a shout out to Rick who has organised a Sat for the UKIPT Leg at DTD. I unfortunately can't make it (shit head had to put it on when I'm away) but the details are:



rubbish said...

Your missus didn't say anything about you joining us in the sack!

嘉容嘉容 said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

Dream of Vegas said...

So you head down to the hotel bar in your crusty Y fronts, hair of the dog, help me get the horse out of the room, with the three strippers riding it, THEN get dressed??

TEAMDOBB said...

Wynsor shoes have bank holiday specials on this w/e

NoCash said...

I shit you not....I'm off to buy some new shoes on Friday afternoon :-)

rubbish said...

I shit you not, if you're out and about on Friday afternoon then it should be in a pub with me.

NoCash said...

Rubbish - I have good news for you. Just wangled a 3pm finish so I'll be back in Blackers for 3.30pm. Kung Fu.

志平 said...

Thx ur share........................................

元維青慈 said...

很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油........................................

智文 said...