MTTs in the Sun Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeee

Got a little schedule of MTTs/Sats sorted for today while i sit on my newly built picnic bench in the garden.

12:00 - $26 10.5k GTD on FTP
150 / 427
14:00 - $5 12k GTD for RTR Syndicate on Stars
donked after a few hours. can't remember position
15:00 - £7.50 AWOP sat on BlueSq
16:00 - $11 CMBPT super sat on Europ
played like a twat
20:00 - £5 rebuy to £50 final for seat at £500 live sat at AWOP HQ - $14k WSOP M/E Package

Bit of a shit session really, but covered and my losses with some HU Omaha cash.

Blackpool Town Centre was mental yesterday - I'm not a Blackpool fan, but very happy that they made it to the Prem. Guaranteed 1 point for Liverpool next season :-(