Poker = Bad / Life = Good

It's been a while since I have blogged due to the death of my laptop and some life shit that I have going on. Frankly, I haven't played a great deal of poker lately and with this being a poker blog, it hasn't given me a lot to ramble about. I am back playing a little bit now so hopefully I will have more to write about.

First of all then - running bad at poker.

I've been playing some $0.10 / $0.25 Rush Omaha Hi on Full Tilt trying to clear the Rush bonus. Alas, I looked at my stats in HEM and I'm 5 Buy-Ins -EV in 3400 hands. So that can fook right off for now whilst I re-think my on-line poker strategy for Rush.

Maylis Boardman, the lovely APAT Hostess sent out a Facebook call to arms last week for a piss-up and a game at The G on Friday night. I didn't drink (WTF??!?!?!?), but I played the comp. It's was the usual £50 F/O with 10k stack which drew in 133 runners. This has got to be one of the best weekly comps in the North West. After fighting off the donks, we were down to two tables. I'd just been in a confrontation for a farily juicy pot with Zahir Aslam which I took down, when the very next hand we get into again. The following happened:

Blinds 6000 / 12000 (fkin crapshoot)

Seat 1 (UTG): Zahir- 220000 (ish)
Seat 2: The Hutch
Seat 3: The Rev
Seat 4: (BTN): NoCash - 170000
Seat 5: Sal
Seat 6: Unknown

UTG raises to 46k. Fold, Fold.
I look down at AA and re-pop to 100k obv commiting myself.
Fold, Fold from the blinds

Zahir shoves and I snap call. He shows KK. Delicious. The board comes down:

Flop 9x Qx Jx
Turn Bricks
River 10.

FML!!! That was for the chip lead as well. I run so bad. Out in 12th for £100. Could have been worse though - poor old Maylis bubbled when she found 99 OTB and ran it into Ky's AA in the BB. Not nice.

I think it was a 5 way chop in the end for 1k each (not 100% sure but I know Ky got a bag). The final standings from the AWOP results page were:

1 Allan Barnacle £1990

2 Zahir Aslam £1410 - luckbox

3 Joanne Marshall £880

4 Ky Hutchinson £550 - super donk

5 Anon £430

6 Kevin Rigby £330

7 David Wearing £270

8 Richard Sudworth £200

9 Steven Walden £150

10 Salim Jangarwala £110

11 John Wood £120

12 David Garden £100 - Awesome but runs bad

13 Anon £100

I shall be playing it again next week though. There is so much value in the field - just need that bit of luck in the crapshoot levels.

Last night I decided to play free online poker. I played the AWOP Players Club points freeroll and binked it for 2200 points which ain't bad. 30 odd runners so good bit of practice.

I've registered for Day 1a of the APAT WCOAP at DTD in August. A few of the RTR fish are playing so it should be a good day. I know I always say this but I'm not drinking. There is a 6-max game on the Sunday whilst Day 1b is on, but it's sold out so (if I make Day 2) I may not bother with hotels and just brave the 3 hour drive home and come back on the Monday.

I think I'm also going to play the Boyle IPO in Dublin in October. Again a few of the boys from RTR are travelling across. It's a €180 F/O but it gets well over 1k runners so should be good fun. I've found cheap flights from Blackpool as well so travelling should be hassle free. Just need to work out where to stay now.

Now onto life stuff where I am running better. I've just got back from 10 days in Crete (Malia) on a lads holiday and it was quality. Some people are amazed that my missus lets me off the leash onto these kind of things, but she's a good egg :-). It was 10 days of pure alcohol abuse. We nearly got booted from out hotel on the first night for fighting in the bar, I managed to get pushed through a huge mirror in the hotel room and almost died several times on a quad bike. Pretty standard.

I've just started a new role as Technical Solution Manager (sort of like an IT Project manager) for a large Blue Chip company. I now work permanently from home (yes it's gonna fall off), got a £4.7k payrise and also work less hours. This is totally sweet and the novelty of working from home has yet to wear off, although I'm sure it will.

My last bit of run-good (or bad depending on which way you look at it) is after ten years of trying to get one, I've finally managed to get my hands on a Liverpool season ticket. It cost me £700 but it's not every day you get offered one so I snapped the guys hand off.

This has turned out to be a bit tl;dr so I'd better get back to 'work'.