Spin-ups FTW!

I've been playing a lot lately so I thought I'd update. Think I'll go in reverse chronological order of what I've been up to....

Yesterday was a beautiful bank holiday Monday and the weather was glorious. Obviously I decided to stay in my living room and play poker for the best part of 9 hours - after a full weekend at DTD (more on that later).

I don't have any money on Full Tilt so decided to deposit $50 and play a couple of gay comps. I decided to play the $24+$2 10.5k GTD and that started off pretty sweet with an early treble up. I was looking for something else to play at the same time, but nothing was forthcoming so I fired up one table of Rush $0.10/$0.25 6-Max. This is where things got interesting.

I donked out of the comp after a few hours of ridic play, but the cash was going great. So good in fact that at one point I had over $300 in my stack!

I stopped playing late afternoon but put in another few hours before bed and won another 3 BIs. I ended the day as follows:

Running below EV sucks obv
All in all - pretty sick for one tabling (was watching telly, scratching my balls etc).

On Sat I travelled down to DTD with that fish Hutch to play the APAT WCOAP Main Event. I was playing Day 1a while Ky played the Omaha event as he was in 1B. We met up with Burnley Mik and Snake and had some food before the comp and I had ONE beer before we started(!)

Anyways the comp was a proper fucking grind and I couldn't get anything going. I eventually got bumped out by a sick hand that would have put me right back in it above avg stack. KK v A2 AIPF, obv A binks the river. Fuck off. Just before that silliness though, Amatay decided he was after all a homosexual and wasn't coming back on the Sunday so he sold me his 6-max seat which was cool. Ky busted the Omaha in 16th after he ran over a tight field with some maniac aggression, laying some sick beats on the way - but it eventually caught with him when he got it in drawing dead. Wp.

Sat night saw myself and Ky hit the beer and the cash tables. I was a good chunk in profit when this fat knacker who looked like Meat Loaf rivered a boat against my straight to stack me for my buy-in and profit. I had a minor tantrum at his wank play, but when I sobered up I realised I played the turn badly so we were both shit. Ky owned me in a couple of pots (4-1 to him he will tell you, but I'm sure it wasn't that many). Don't mind that though - he's a quality (lucky) live cash player and he even gave me the nod when he flopped the world and we were heads-up so I didn't go bust. Ky turned a nice profit despite also getting fingered by Meatloaf.

Artists impression of Ky

The next day Ky had a similar grind in the M/E whilst I played the 6-max. I ended up busting in 15th (ish) place after doing a stupid button steal that I didn't really need to. Ky lasted until late in the day, but ran QQ into KK or AA or some other such standard bullshit. I played a bit more cash whilst I was waiting for him and recovered a small portion of the previous days losses. Not a great weekend but good to see some of the RTR fish again.

Well played Snake who cashed the M/E after running a hand into the Live Stars RNG for a top 5 stack and wp Ant who FT'd the 6-max.

Last week I played 2 sats to the Liverpool £250 comp on Sep 25th. I won the one I played at AWOP HQ (£10 r/b) which generated two seats, but thought I'd play one at Blackpool Circus that had been painstakingly organised by Rick Gilby and BigBills Dev. Did shit at that, but congrats to both the organisers who binked seats (rigged obv).

Previous to this I played the £50 Friday comp at the G again and chopped it for £650. Such a good value comp that and I have now cashed 3/5 times I have played (chopping it twice).

Next up for me is the IPO in Dublin which several of the RTR fish are travelling to. It gets a redic big field but should be a right laugh so looking forward to that.

That's it.