Liverpool 250 - Boom!!! (blatant brag post)

I played the Liverpool 250 at weekend (£250 + £25 F/O) at the Circus Casino Liverpool and picked up a nice score.

I qualifed for this at a £10 r/b at AWOP HQ a couple of months back for about £50. I also played a £15+£15+£15 sat at the Circus Blackpool organised by RPG EVENTS but didn't get anywhere in that so this comp set me in at about £95 in total.

I eventually did a deal where the eventual winner, Steve Davies (who was HUGE chip leader at the time) took £9k, Myself and Paul 'Action' Jackson took £5.5k and a local lady took £4135. We played on for a £1300 Palm Beach London seat but my AQ was no match for AJ 3 handed. Ah well.

Thought I played solid all weekend depsite having a starting table with Dave Colclough, Ash Hussain, John Calmar (who I dumped out with a nice cooler) and Mr Shortstack himself, Rick Gilby :-) as well as spending the end of day one and all of the final with Paul Jackson on my table. Only made one real mistake throughout the whole comp (bluffing off half my stack with a missed FD on a paired board) and only got it in behind once and sucked out (for a much needed double up on the FT) - 10h5h I shoved the button after weak player limped. Chip leader decided not to pass 10x7x in BB  (weak player passed obv). Flop 10c xh xh turn 5 river x. Lovely.

Got involved in a big with AA v JJ which put me into the top 3 in chips and it was pretty much plain sailing from there. Well done to Steve Davies for taking down the comp along with the Palm Beach seat.

Next up for me is the IPO in Dublin with some of the RTR fish. Please let me run good in that!!!!!

Bankroll Management is for Pussies

Yeah so I did go busto (thanks for the bok Pud), but then last Weds I spun up from $25 again and got it to $400..... and went Busto. Now I have spun-up from $25 again (starting yesterday) and I'm at $600. I've actually withdrawn $200 though to pay from my flights to Dublin for the IPO next month. Almost cleared the $50 FTP Bonus which is nice and i'm on for about $140 of RB.

25NL Rush started catching up with me and I played my last few thousand hands on tilt. Still have a tidy profit though. I've also started concentrating on PLO50 HU and I'm having a nice little heater (see graph). It's a small sample but I'm riding the variance wave nicely.

My strategy for HU PLO has been to bum-hunt shortstackers or look for people who aren't auto-reloading. My game strategy involves playing super-lag and outplaying the donks post flop. Think I'm seeing about 70% of flops in total with a 2:1 ratio in postion. So far this month I've found about 3 good players who have taken a decent sum off me. The rest has been easy - and I don't claim to be anything special at all at PLO. Recommend anyone who can do up their own shoelaces give it a try (but don't nick my action)

So you may be asking yourself - where the fuck did you lose all your cash? Erm...mostly $2/$4 PLO when I was hungover / drunk or tilting. Note to self: There are good players at these levels. I'm gonna do my best to stay away and just try to have a dead nice graph at the end of the month for once.

Anyway, here's some graphage:

Rush 25NL (from August 27th - where the spinups began)

Here's the HU PLO50 heater for this month

Quick update....

Im currently steaming drunk after a Thurs night out......however, yesterday I switched to HU PLO and crushed. Bankroll (from my $50 deposit on Monday) is now $966. Fuck me I'm awesome. SPIN-UPS FTW.


Riding the Rush

Still running and playing well at 25nl 6max Rush. Here's the lastest since the start of my spin-up last Monday

Be interesting to see how long I can keep this going. My first target is $1k. Should get some tasty rakeback off this as well. Countdown to busto?

Is anyone else winning at Rush? Would like to discuss strat etc.