Bankroll Management is for Pussies

Yeah so I did go busto (thanks for the bok Pud), but then last Weds I spun up from $25 again and got it to $400..... and went Busto. Now I have spun-up from $25 again (starting yesterday) and I'm at $600. I've actually withdrawn $200 though to pay from my flights to Dublin for the IPO next month. Almost cleared the $50 FTP Bonus which is nice and i'm on for about $140 of RB.

25NL Rush started catching up with me and I played my last few thousand hands on tilt. Still have a tidy profit though. I've also started concentrating on PLO50 HU and I'm having a nice little heater (see graph). It's a small sample but I'm riding the variance wave nicely.

My strategy for HU PLO has been to bum-hunt shortstackers or look for people who aren't auto-reloading. My game strategy involves playing super-lag and outplaying the donks post flop. Think I'm seeing about 70% of flops in total with a 2:1 ratio in postion. So far this month I've found about 3 good players who have taken a decent sum off me. The rest has been easy - and I don't claim to be anything special at all at PLO. Recommend anyone who can do up their own shoelaces give it a try (but don't nick my action)

So you may be asking yourself - where the fuck did you lose all your cash? Erm...mostly $2/$4 PLO when I was hungover / drunk or tilting. Note to self: There are good players at these levels. I'm gonna do my best to stay away and just try to have a dead nice graph at the end of the month for once.

Anyway, here's some graphage:

Rush 25NL (from August 27th - where the spinups began)

Here's the HU PLO50 heater for this month


Amatay said...

lol u nutter, nice profits fish