Liverpool 250 - Boom!!! (blatant brag post)

I played the Liverpool 250 at weekend (£250 + £25 F/O) at the Circus Casino Liverpool and picked up a nice score.

I qualifed for this at a £10 r/b at AWOP HQ a couple of months back for about £50. I also played a £15+£15+£15 sat at the Circus Blackpool organised by RPG EVENTS but didn't get anywhere in that so this comp set me in at about £95 in total.

I eventually did a deal where the eventual winner, Steve Davies (who was HUGE chip leader at the time) took £9k, Myself and Paul 'Action' Jackson took £5.5k and a local lady took £4135. We played on for a £1300 Palm Beach London seat but my AQ was no match for AJ 3 handed. Ah well.

Thought I played solid all weekend depsite having a starting table with Dave Colclough, Ash Hussain, John Calmar (who I dumped out with a nice cooler) and Mr Shortstack himself, Rick Gilby :-) as well as spending the end of day one and all of the final with Paul Jackson on my table. Only made one real mistake throughout the whole comp (bluffing off half my stack with a missed FD on a paired board) and only got it in behind once and sucked out (for a much needed double up on the FT) - 10h5h I shoved the button after weak player limped. Chip leader decided not to pass 10x7x in BB  (weak player passed obv). Flop 10c xh xh turn 5 river x. Lovely.

Got involved in a big with AA v JJ which put me into the top 3 in chips and it was pretty much plain sailing from there. Well done to Steve Davies for taking down the comp along with the Palm Beach seat.

Next up for me is the IPO in Dublin with some of the RTR fish. Please let me run good in that!!!!!


Mr Origami said...

Reeesult! Changing your name then? :)

Yorkshire Pud said...

Boom indeed young man, great score! best of luck in Ireland, stay off the Guinness and take it down!

Top bombing!

dD said...

you lucky mofu !
well played sir, well played.

Martin 'BigBills' Devlin said...

James Atkin said...

Hey man,

Would be great if you'd be willing to swap blog links with me. I have added you to mine @

Congrats on the bink, hope you enjoyed the IPO if you ended up going.


JakAttack said...

Great meeting you in Dublin Nocash.... Keep the results coming in (Shipshipship!!!)