Riding the Rush

Still running and playing well at 25nl 6max Rush. Here's the lastest since the start of my spin-up last Monday

Be interesting to see how long I can keep this going. My first target is $1k. Should get some tasty rakeback off this as well. Countdown to busto?

Is anyone else winning at Rush? Would like to discuss strat etc.


BurnleyMik said...

TELL ME HOW TO WIN AT RUSH!! It kicks my fackin ass.

Oh and I am about $300 below all in EV, which helps nothing!

Happy to discuss strat.

Hit me up on MSN, RTR-Mik@live.co.uk

I'll prolly be grinding some tongiht.


NoCash said...

Just finished an epic session mate, but will add u on MSN and catch up soon.

rubbish said...

Just you winning I think No Cash. You got a super user account?