Midgets Vs Mascots

Nothing poker related today, just thougt I'd give you the heads-up about a film I almost shit myself laughing at last night.

I really love midgets (not in a sex way) and always have. They just cheer me right up. This film was right up my street.

Midgets vs. Mascots Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos

IPO, DTD GP, Genting Players Champs [PART 2] - and other nonsense

FML!!!! Just typed up a full part 2 to this and Word crashed (I use it to spell check as the spell checker on this is shite). That's 30 mins I'll never get back so I'll summarise:

IPO Day 2
Pretty bad hangover
Played and ran bad in both €100 Euro comps
Ran bad at the carvery dinner (paid €14 - got to my tourney table and there was a voucher to get it for €10)
Discovered red lemonade (wtf) and had it with Jamesons. Lovely.
Grew a vagina and went to bed at around 11pm (hangovers and planes don't mix - I learned the hard way) whilst some of the boys were deep in comps. GG Dublin.

Travelled to this on my own and from the 400 player field I knew about 2
Hotel had a green toilet
Donked the comp late on day 2 to a standard beat
Played cash - got bored so started to drink
Got into some drinking prop bets with some Geordie lads
Won said bets
Dropped £200 in 2 mins at cash
Had more drinks
Cashed out £580 profit after moving up to £1/£2 cash (from 50p/£1). Shouted drunk poker ftw and went back to the hotel.
Had a poo in the green bog.
Tugged and slept.

Genting Poker Players Champs
Travelled to Birmingham with the missus.
Stopped in city centre
Took us an hour to find an Indian restaurant. Realised there were about 20 about 30 seconds walk round the corner from hotel.
Picked the best looking one. Turned out it was probably the worst food I've ever had.
Get mightly pissed throughtout the comp, but manage to play a decent game.
Run my 10BB super shove with KJs into AA to bust 6 off the money.
Continue to drink till 5.30am until the gf starts ringing asking where the fook I am.
Head back to the wrong hotel
Head back to the right hotel.
Deffo no rumpage.

I've missed off loads of fun shit that happened, but can't be arsed thinking this through.

First hour back at work an the profound sense of dread is horrible. I really hate my new job, but the one bonus is I can work from home and write this shite.

I used to be an IT Manager which was a 50/50 technical and management roll which was a bit annoying sometimes, but I was good at it and there wasnt too much stress. I just used to potter about and manage my little team which was great. My new job is Technical Solution Designer for IBM. It entails growing IBMs business from existing customers - eg. wants a new Windows 7 build on all their PCs, I go and talk to all the techies involved, put together documents that detail how the solution will work, who will be doing what and how much it will cost IBM to deliver.....and it's FUCKING BORING. I miss getting out and about and getting hands on and fixing shit. Now I just write documents and get chased for deadlines in a job where I haven't been properly trained and really don't know what im doing - and that's after six months.

Poker has been going ok lately. I chopped the final comp of the 2010 at Blackpool G for £640 and game 2nd in the Vegas Team Challenge last night for 5000 points and $799. I've also got a gay little cash roll going online and im playing 6max and HU NLH and a bit of PLO. I'm down about $60 (nowt really), but I have a 50% rakeback deal and have about $300 to come from that which is nice. I'm going to make a concerted affort to track all of my results this year so expect a monthly roundup on here.

Coming up I have the £100 Mega Stack at Blackpool Circus on Friday (new monthly comp) as well as the APAT team event in Bolton at the end of the month. Should be easy.

Happy new year