A rare update

Today I cannot be fucked doing any work. I work from home and there is a bed in my office - it's just too tempting...suffering from the 2nd day of a 2 day hangover as well which is grim.

Poker-wise I've been playing and running well, but still don't feel top of my game sometimes. Played well in the £100 Blackpool MegaStack and managed a 4th place finish for £620. I also had 10% of Gay Hutchinson who went on to win so my tenner sat entry span up to a sweet £750. I'm also sat around 7th or 8th in the leaderboard. Unfortunately I have to miss the next two Megastacks as March clashes with Liverpool at home to the scum and I binked a DTD Deepstack seat which I'm gonna use in April. GG Leaderboard. The next MegaStack is £10k GTD as well so it's going from strength to strength and quickly becoming one of the best comps in the North West.

This weekend sees Team RPG Events descend on Birmigham for the Vegas Team Challenge live final. As our team's biggest points winner (brag!) and someone who appears to be in some sort of form, the pressure is on for me to go deep. I shall be taking this a lot more seriously than the APAT team game where once again we just got quadra-smashed and ended up hitting town.

NOTE TO SELF: Do not drink 3 Mega Jaegars in a row. It affects balance, stability, speech and rational thought.

Myself, Ky and DoV decdided that this would be a good idea. It wasn't. A 'Mega Jaegar', for the uninitiated amongt you, is a reverseral of the traditional Jaegar Bomb. It's a shot of red-bull dunked in a full glass of Jaegar. Not for the faint-hearted. Don't do three when you have already been on an all day sesh and have about 10 pints swishing around your gut. I literally have scars. Below is an extract from the conversation myself and Ky had in the hotel the morning after:

Noshoes : Wtf........ why am I cut to fuck?

Ky : You were rolling around in the gutter after falling over and refused to get up.

Noshoes : Why didn't you get me up?

Ky : It was fucking funny so I left you.

Nice friends I have. Also this post from Danesh on AWOP made me laugh:

Have to say that I thought team AWOP were an absolute disgrace last night. No Shoes made me do a £100 13 card omaha flip (which he of course won), Ky "I'm Awesome" Hutch was wearing a T-shirt with them words actually printed on it and Kav was wondering round the casino, pint in hand, talking bout how much he idolises Ali Malu. They ruined a very serious game of poker and IMO should be immediately barred from all G casinos. The last I saw of the lads was them heading to the lovely and very classy lap-dancing club "Diamonds". All in all, a great night.

Standard team event imo.

On the non-poker front - today is Valentines. Shit day usually, but my wonderful missus got me two tickets to watch Premier League Darts next month at the MEN. I'm quite a big darts fan but have never actually been (even when it was on in Blackpool) so I'm looking forward to getting ratted and having a laugh.

Liverpool seem to be resurgent under King Kenny at the moment and the last few games have been a joy to watch from a fan's perspective. I was thinking it was kind of shite season to finally get a season ticket, but really enjoying it now. We were v. Unlucky not get take 3 points against Wigan after hitting the woodwork twice, having a stone-cold penalty claim turned down and missing a hat-full of other chances. Next home league game is against United which I can't wait for. I went to the FA CUP tie at Old Trafford were we were cheated then didn't stand a chance after Gerrard got sent off so looking forward to some revenge. We are definetly the form team at the moment which is not something I expected to be able to say at any point this season.

I currently do fuck all excerecise and all the weight I lost last year is coming back. I bumped into one of my old mates on a night out the other night whilst he was working the door and he now has his own MMA gym. I used to do a lot of Mixed Martial Arts back in the day (gained a Black Belt in Atemi Jutsu when I was 19 and a couple of lower grade belts in Ju-Jitsu and Aikido) . It's just round the corner from my house so I'm going to pop in and glove up I think. I'll prob puke my guts first few times, but I used to be pretty good at ground work and grappling (I was flexible 10 years ago). The highlight of my MMA 'Career' was choking out a 20 stone Blackpool doorman when I weighed about 11 stone piss wet through - he got the piss taken out of him something rotten for that! I really wish I'd kept up with it though as I used to love it. The problem was, when you hit Black Belt you are expected to coach and I just didn't have the patience for it. I also took up drinking and partying etc so these things fall by the way-side.
Obv I'll update when we bink the Vegas package this weekend.