16th March Update

Tough day today as I only made $11 in 46 games (gg leaderboard for this 100 games). Played pretty bad tbh and didn't run too well. On the up-side I made $50 in 27 games yesterday so can't complain if I don't run well everyday. Also cleared another $10 Stellar reward which all helps

My original staker Hutch also shipped me £60 for a live cash session I staked him for at the weekend. 'Bout time that donko got me something back ;-)

Graph time!
Current roll: $514.53
Total profit this month including bonuses: $756.60 

Looking to put in a few hours this weekend and hope the games are softer than usual again

I also have a mini-goal to get onto the Sharkscope 2011 total profit leaderboard on stars for 2-3 table games at my stakes.  

My toal profits at solely18 man $3.40s (there's 50 games of 45 mans and some $6.50s as well) is $618.40. 20th on the SS Leaderboard is currently at $859. Not sure if I can run good enough to do it within a month but would be cool if I could considering they have 2 monts headstart


A Winning Stake!

I'm going to track this here as well as on RTR. Recently staked by Hutch and had some success. Now playing on my own and going really well. Solely playing $3.40 18 Mans on Stars atm but will move up to the $6.50s when the roll hits around $700. Did have an underrolled shot which was profitable, but the swings were harder to manage  so dorpped back until im sufficiently rolled.


Ky staked me $110 to play 18-Man $3.40s on Stars. Stakeback + 50/50 profit split

Currently been going around two weeks and already paid stakeback so Ky is now 100% risk free. Roll is now:

$422.30 profit + $10 Stellar Reward = $432.30

Plan is to hit $600 then move up to $6.50s. Hit $1000 ish then cash out Hutch's profit and conclude the stake making him a sweet return. If it starts going pear (say drop a couple of hundo), we will re-evaluate.

This would be over so much quicker if I didn't run awful HU.

Note: first 50 games are 45 mans but sacked them off as 18s are more convenient for me (click for larger image)


Added some $6.50s to the mix yesterday and insta-downswong hit. I was -$118 at one point, but decidend to play on and finished with a small $25 profit. Just finished a quick session of 14 x $6.50s and cashed 7 of them (no wins though - sigh I run sick bad HU) for $50 up for my morning session. Also got another $10 Stellar reward and got a £10 homegame reload bonus nearly cleared.

Although I'm a bit under-rolled I'm going to play solely $6.50 unless I drop a bunch of $$$ as they do play almost exactly the same as the $3.40s. Also the rake is better is relation to the buy-in and from the 70 I've played there are still plenty of weird donkos knocking about.

Roll is currently $547.30


Had a bit of a bad run so decided with mutual agreement to cash out Hutch's profits and go solo.

Shipped him just under $220 + Stakeback so pretty succesful. Im now fully rolled to play off my own dime after running well over the w/e. Bit bad that I start to run well as soon as the stake is complete but not much I can do.

Cheer for the stakeage mate!


Also got a $20 Bonus for finishing 22nd in the High Orbit leaderboard last week and cashed in $25 of FFP value (shipped half of these to Ky as well) so the total profit shipped to Ky is $242.43
Got halfway to Gold Star almost exatly and have 16 days to get there. It remains to be seen if I can do it.

After cashout to Ky etc my personal roll is now (after running like god over the last two days) $444.13

Added Bonuses etc to my graph bringing my total profit to $686.56

Last two days since shipping to Ky (probs looks a bit dodge this, but all my records are in order if Ky or anyone else wished to look at them):

Overall for the month (blue line includes all bonuses etc):