16th March Update

Tough day today as I only made $11 in 46 games (gg leaderboard for this 100 games). Played pretty bad tbh and didn't run too well. On the up-side I made $50 in 27 games yesterday so can't complain if I don't run well everyday. Also cleared another $10 Stellar reward which all helps

My original staker Hutch also shipped me £60 for a live cash session I staked him for at the weekend. 'Bout time that donko got me something back ;-)

Graph time!
Current roll: $514.53
Total profit this month including bonuses: $756.60 

Looking to put in a few hours this weekend and hope the games are softer than usual again

I also have a mini-goal to get onto the Sharkscope 2011 total profit leaderboard on stars for 2-3 table games at my stakes.  

My toal profits at solely18 man $3.40s (there's 50 games of 45 mans and some $6.50s as well) is $618.40. 20th on the SS Leaderboard is currently at $859. Not sure if I can run good enough to do it within a month but would be cool if I could considering they have 2 monts headstart



Amatay said...

gl grinding fishface