£6k month and Engaged (WTF to both statements?!?!?!?)

July has been a good month :-)

Shipped a Megastack for £3,320
Won the Genting last longer for £1500 (£1080 PBBG entry + £420 expenses)
Shipped £1500 online with a few deep runs

Minus £300 - one drunken homegame

Not too bad for an little hobby. Lets hope August is as good for me. Currently lined up, I'm playing:

Palm Beach Big Game - £1080 comp in London on 1st Aug (yeah good luck with that)

Megastack #8 - £110 - Already satted in so have my qualification points sorted (+30 points for sattelite winners, +10 appearance points per game). It's important that I play all the remaining ones of these now to try and top the table come year end - should be worth about £3k (ish) if I do

As you can see, all to play for as I'll start Megastack #8 on 710 points:

1 Nick Slade 750
2 Dave Garden 670
3 Danny Benson 600
4 Ky Hutchinson 570
5 Jamie Wilkinson 550
6 Linton Holling 540
7 Simon Rimmer 400
8 Alan Barnacle 360
9 Will Mcmurray 350

Nick, Ky and Jamie are my main competition here, but as far as I know none of them have qualified so far this month and I'm not sure Nick plays all of these events despite shipping two. I have the current final table record (3 final tables from 6 games. Only 6 games as I missed June to to Holiday). I reckon two good strong (3rd+) FT finishes could get the job done but even someone in 10th / 11th could shoot right up with a win. Points are very top heavy and it's going to be tough to stay near the top if the other leaderboard players manage a bink.

DTD Grand Prix - Gonna be hammering the online day ones starting a week Monday. Will try to get a few tickets from the €2 euro sats to keep costs down

APAT WCOAP HU - 26th August. €60 Heads up Event at DTD (Crash Bang Wallop eh Amatay?)
APAT WCOAP M/E - 27th August. €120 Day 1a M/E.
APAT WCOAP 6-max - 28th August. €60 1 day event

Obviously - I hope I'm out on Sunday night in Nottingham (after shipping the 6-max) to find a hotel to stay in for Day 2 of the M/E :-)

In other new - I just got engaged (WTF?!?! - gg £2k on a ring). Seriously though it was about time as I've been with Kel for over 9 years. I've just been putting it off as I never thought of myself as being married, but with only a year left of my twentys I decided it was the right time...proper glad I did as well.

Now just need to ship something larger to pay for a wedding as I'm turd as saving. Looks like that's going to be close to £10k and I don't want a church wedding (I have a problem with religion).

Before the saving for that commences though I have another lads holiday to organise. Last year myself and 3 mates went to Malia and got truely smashed - to the point where I almost signed up for a cage fight. I haven't thrown a punch in anger for about 6 years and would have got fucked up. Glad I sobered up in time.

This year I'm thinking either Ayia Napa or Laganas (Zante). Leaving it late to book so we can get a good All Inclusive deal, but its looking like it'll be the last week of the season we go. The lads I'm going with are my best mates, but they are also a complete bunch of cunts and we fuck each other over constantly...but it's all good fun. gg liver.

Leave me some comments you bell ends



Kevin Stevens said...

Keep owning that bitch (the deepstacks, not the engagement, thats just rude).

BurnleyMik said...

Congrats on the Engagement mate. Wpgg monies... ;o)

ROTFL @ you nearly getting into a cage fight, you're a serious fucking danger to yourself when you are pissed mate, but funny as fuck.

GL in the Megastack, but I will crush you if you try and raise my BB!!




NoCash said...

Cheers Fellas - yeah Mik, that could prob be described as a near death experience.

rubbish said...

Jeez, I'd pay good money to see you in a cage fight.
Congrats on the engagement, thanks for the invite to the party you cunt.
And bink the Palm Beach jobby and pay me my percentage.

Amatay said...

Massive congrats on the engagement shizz although its kind of a shame coz i quite fancy ur bird tbh. Nice run online and live too although pretty sure you forgot to mention the HU ownage last wk :) gl for next month CBW