Blackpool Megastack 7

Satted in the the Blackpool Megastack last week and won it outright. £3320 + a £1500 Palm Beach package for lasting longest of all on-line buy-ins / qualifiers. Think I'll be heading down to Palm Beach on 1st August.

Not really played much online recently so not a lot to report there although I have been deep in the last few MTTs I played and also bagged a DTD £300 seat. I'm going to have to put this off for a while though as I am now 2nd in the Megastack league so really need to play as many of them as possible for the rest of the year to lock up a decent finishing position. Currently I've played 6 and final tabled 3 which I think is a good strike rate (4th / 9th / 1st).

Only blog when I'm winning obv.


Mr Origami said...

N1 Dave....go team noshoes lol - Mr O

Amatay said...

Well done mate x x

rubbish said...

Can't believe I spent Sunday afternoon watching you win that Mickey Mouse tournament;)
The Palm Beach package sounds awesome. Told the Missus yet or are you taking Hutch?

Kevin Stevens said...

WP Sir, watched much of it on Nutz, your where crushing it.

NoCash said...

Cheers donks.

I'm going solo to the PBBG (ill have a little picture of Hutch in my wallet at all times though. Gonna crush all the southern faries with my mad skillz obv.