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Too tired to write anymore at the moment but my Hendon Mob entry is looking sweet for the month.

Quality weekend and loads of comedy moments with Hutch who also managed a medal finish in the HU comp. Even the wife to be got involved in the on-line rail over on the APAT forum which was well cool.

Thanks for all the congrats messages etc. Two more comps on my schedule (see last post) so lets see if I can have a sick start to September as well.


Busy Schedule

It looks like a busy month of live poker....

As stated in a previous post I was trying to qualify for the DTD GP day 2 which I managed fairly easily on my second attempt and I've also bagged another £200 ELE seat for a Genting event of my choice. This is August and Early Sept for me:

6th August - £100 Blackpool Megastack - £10k GTD
Played and failed. Never got going on Day 1a trying to play every hand and win every pot. Even the donks adjusted and I was soon on my way to The G to play cash. gg. I blame positive tilt for the previous weeks score.

12th August - £200 Manchester Megastack - £20k GTD
Thankfully the civil unreset seems to have cleared up so I'll be playing this for just the 2nd time. Busy day though with viewing wedding venues, going to Anfield for the opener against Sunderland then travelling back to Blackpool before setting back off to Manchester. No drinking for me this weekend :-(

20th August - €500 (equivalent) DTD Grand Prix Day2 - €250k GTD
As stated I qualified for this on my 2nd attempt. Looking like there could be a big overlay on this one so would be nice to run good. Everyone who has qualified is gtd €70 which just about covers the hotel room. Sharing a room with Rick 'DoubleBubble' Gilby who qualified in the same flight as me depite my best efforts to send him to the rail. Got a call from the hotel stating that they only have double rooms left so there is a good chance I'm going to lose my anal virginity - or at the very least get my ironing done*.

26th / 27th / 28th August - APAT WCOAP - HU / 6-max / Main Event
Playing 3 events this year along with Ky 'Awesome Hutch' Hutchinson. Again sharing a hotel room, but Rick will ahve probably have destroyed my shitter by then. Not cashed in an APAT even yet so time to change that I think.

3rd September - £100 Blackpool Megastack - £10k GTD
Need some leaderboard points as I've dropped to third. Obviously the only person who made Day 2 this month who could bother my 2nd spot manages to win the thing. FML.

Sat 10th Sep - £200 Manchester Megastack - £20k GTD
Use up my 2nd ELE Ticket

*Rick loves to iron you see - he's the bitch in his household and plays comps whilst his missus forces him to iron.

Around all of this I have to find some time to start helping with the wedding plans and I'm also off on a lads holiday to Zante 3rd week in September.

Will update with results as I get them


Palm Beach Big Game - Tourney Report

A few people have mentiond that they would like to see a TR for my visit to the Palm Beach, so here goes. Unlike my knob, it may be quite long

Please note: some hands, bets, counts etc may not be exact, but I'll recreate as faithfully as I can remember so hopefully you get the point. $10 on Stars to the first person to invent a live poker Hand History button.

Discerning readers of this blog (both of them) will know that I won a Palm Beach Package as part of a value added 'Last Longer' promotion that has been running as part of the IPE Megastack series of events. Any player who qualified or even just bought in online was added to the last longer for that paricular comp. The winner gets a £1500 PBBG package (£1080 entry + £420 expenses). As I won Blackpool Megastack #7 with my totally awesome turbo ninja muthafucka mad skillz, I also got this package.

The run good started the moment I went to book my travel. Virgin Trains had an offer on and I got first class return from Blackpool to Euston for the same price as scum class. The run good contiuned when I decided to cancel the flea pit hotel I had originally booked and took a gamble on hotwire.com. Hotwire were offering 5* accomodation for £110 p/n in the Mayfair area which was slighlty cheaper that the rape den I had originally booked, but it was one of them secret hotel deals so you don't know exactly which hotel it is until you book. Fear not however as it turned out to be the Intercontinental, Park Lane. It's a pretty balla hotel with dudes opening the door for you and trying to carry your bag etc and it's only 10 min walk from the Casino. I have actually stopped there before when I got a similar deal with Lastminute.com. I took Kel to see Blur at Hyde Park and we stopped here.

Anyhow the trip in 1st class was cool as I had a big table to myself and not the usual fat fucks falling asleep all over me. I arrived at the hotel at about 6pm and was going to get something to eat, but saw the menu prices which killed my appetite stone dead. £20 for an all day breakfast. For twenty notes I want that served out of Kelly Brook's untrimmed minge. I decided to have a wander up to the casino and have a beer before the comp starts at 7pm.

On the way up to the casino I bumped into Rob Bright who was trying to decide whether it was safe to leave his motor on single yellows or not and just ended up swearing a bit in his strong Irish accent and leaving it anyway. Rob get's me a beer (£4 a bottle. Cunts) and we have a little wander round. The casino it pretty nice and I all of a sudden feel really under dressed in my jeans, trainers and space invaders t-shirt with all these casino royale wannabes knocking about. Soon though some obvious poker players walk in looking, well, like poker players so I suddenly feel over-dressed. I contemplate bog washing myself then going for a roll about in some dogshit to fit in with the poker guys, but decide there's no time.

There is a bit of confusion as myself and Rob thought that we were already registered, but it appears that you have to let the cardroom know you have arrived as well. I shit it a bit not seeing my name on the list after having travelled and taken time off work etc, but Gary Oakes (Genting online chap) soon sorts it. It appears the only way they can seat people after the original draw is to stick them in consecutive seats on the next available table which seems a bit shit to me and I end up seated next to Rob. After 15 mins or so of dicking about we finally get underway. Table 7 seat 5 is where it's at bitches.

The first thing I notice is that the chips are crap. That place must make a shit ton of money and they could at least get some nicer ones....or maybe I'm just spoiled with the new Megastack chips that IPE use? I start to get busy straight away with a 10k stack on a 30 mins clock - I ain't hanging around. Within about ten hands, my 10k starting stack is not looking too healthy at 7.5k. Most of that went on a terrible brilliantly executed bluff when I fired three barrels on a 2 5 K Q 9 board. Villian tank called with 7 2. Obviously my repect level was high.

The table banter is good with Rob and a couple of locals (on whom I have position) and I'm pretty relaxed - I was freerolling anyway so why the fuck should I care. I'm already in profit as I sold 18% of my action (note to my backers - I did care really). I tone down the VPIP a bit over the next few levels and start to build back up and evetunally get nicely above starting stack. Matey who called me with 7 2 earlier once again catches me at it in a small pot so it's setting up nicely against him. Next hand I flop a boat after opening 78s and take a fairly big pot off one of the chatty locals, which shuts hip up a bit. He claims to have folded a flush on the river and I say "good fold" out loud whilst shouting "bollocks mate" in my head.

The next big pot I play is at 150 / 300 level. I have around 14k, Villain around 20k. I've flatted QTs on BB after SB (7 2 matey from earlier) 2.5x open. Without going into a shit load of detail, I river the top boat and value town his face off taking approx 7k off him when I assume he was calling with A high or something. It was sweet.

I'm flying now pretty much and keep ticking over. Richard Ashby joins our table but I only played a couple of pots with him and nothing major happened. After chipping up nicely a young lad joins the table in seat 4 and looks just like some nerdy Internet kid. I get involved in a big BTN vs BB hand with him just after the break for the chip lead. JJ v AK and he gets there on the turn and I'm back down to 16k. I acutally didn't even think he was as stong as AK but whatever.

The last hand to report on in the early stages is the funniest one. Guy sits down as a late entry. I've raised K4 (lol) and he flatted out the BB.  4 7 J board and call his gay little lead. Turn is a 4 (bink) and I now raise his pot size bet which he calls. Turn is a blank and he bets big and has half his stack in the middle. I jam on him and he says "This was a quick visit" and calls with K7. Lol gg £1080.

I get moved tables a few times and make a few marginal calls against short stacks. One of which I actually get lucky with and must be amongst the chip leads at the 2nd break. I've had 4 or 5 beers at this point so decide to knock that on the head and go for some soft drinks. Rob is still in at this point but is grinding a short stack and may have to grind into Mick Fletcher in a double bed if Mick can't find a hotel room!

Unfortunatly Rob get sickoed for the rest of his stack and I carry on down to 3 tables. Getting a bit serious now with £86k in the pot and I have a decent size stack that has rarely dropped below 30bbs. This table is tough with Nick Persaud and Toby Lewis, but fortunately I have position. I'm getting 3 and 4 bet a lot so I decide that I'm stacked enough to nit up and pick a few spots. If think if I go toe to toe in raising wars I'm probably gonna get owned. I play hardly anything for next few levels, but my plan is to use my nitty table image to my advantage later on. In the mean time, a really weird hand takes place between myself and Nick Persaud....

I flat his in position raise Q 10 and everyone else gets out of the way. I totally brick the flop which is 8 high. He checks to me so I try to take the pot down with a decent sized bet. At this point Nick attempts to come over the top of me but didn't announce raise and accidently drops some chips over the line or something. I wasn't really looking, but the dealer declares this as a call and Nick instantly shoved the rest in before the turn pops out. The turn is a Q so I make the call and it's sick for Nick (fine poetry imo) when he flips JJ. Obviously the hand I insta put him on when he shoved dark :-). He takes it well though and I think he got a bit of stick for it, but it was just unlucky. I was folding my Q10 to his raise.

In his place we get Richard 'Daddymuff' Sinclair who totally ripped up the Genting Vegas games both online and live as well as winning the Newcastle UKIPT. I didn't actually know it was him until I saw the results! Weird cause he was on my table in one of the Stars Bigger $33 comps just the day before and I railed him for a bit after. He came 4th for $3k plus. Serious talent imo.  He won a massive pot early doors against one of the chip leaders racing 1010 vs AK when he was already well chipped up himself. As soon as he got these chips he was relentless as I continued being the table nit. He's got the BTN to my BB and I start playing back at him with some success, but he just wouldn't stop raising.

Down to two tables now and I pick up AKs and get it all in with Toby Lewis (who is also chipped up and has me covered) against his 88. K on flop and K on turn sort that one out now I'm only just behind Richard stack-wise. With the bubble approaching and my nitty image well and truly fostered, I get busy and start putting some pressure on the shortstacks, two of which are directly to my left so it's fun attacking their blinds. The obligatory bubble saver question is raised but declined and eventually the unfortunate chap to my left busts on the bubble.

Now down to a 9-handed final table and I'm in decent shape, probably about 3rd or 4th in chips, however, even the shortsacks represnt approx 1/3 of my stack so don't want to be getting it in too light. I know I'm freerolling here, but getting the 9th or even 8th spot would be a big anti-climax. I do eventually get it in after I open in late pos on the shorty on my left insta-shoves. I dwell a few seconds (which is about 3 times longer than I usually take to make a decision) and make the call with AJ. He flips A8. I'm good until the turns pops out an 8 and I miss a gutter and a J. That one hurt a bit and I'm down to about 70k with the avg at 90k ish and 2000/4000/400 blinds about to go up. I plough my way back up over 110k it no time at all though using my nitty image to full effect, pulling of a couple of well timed squeezes.

We are soon down to 7 players after the Daddymuff starts trying to dispatch everyone in sight. My first double up comes from a pretty high varience play by me, but it worked out well. I opened mid position with 88 and btn called. Aggro tard on BB who has recently doubled re-pops it big so flatting is not only horrible, but not even an option. I decide it's time to flip and don't think the btn can call unless he's bang at the top of his range. I jam it in and the btn tank folds. BB says he has to call and flips 77. Delicious and I hold putting me around the 200k mark.

Daddymuff is relentless and we play a few pots together but it's pretty much honors even, but he's opening everything 2nd or 3rd hand and using his stack really well. He eventually loses a fair chunk though, but comes back quickly getting lucky in a 3-qay all-in with 77 vs an overpair and AQ or something. He binked a 7 on the turn and pretty much ended two players and I think I mopped up one of them whilse he took the other shortly after.

The fun starts when we are down to 3 players and I'm chipped up and waiting for an opportunity to play a big pot with the muff. 3rd guy hasn't played too much although he has a pretty healthy stack, most of the play is between myself and Richard b v b.

I peel a few flops against him in position, one being with T9o after his obligatory raise. Flop is a delightful and thrilling 9 6 9. I get two large streets of value before he tank folds to my overbet on the end. Matt, the other player left starts getting involved in some pots now and the comp could easily be anyones here as both Matt and Richard are strong players and I'm just a dick who binked a local comp and got in free :-)

Then the first of two tournament defining hands happen. Richard raised B v B for the millionth time and I look down at 10 10. I 3-bet and he insta-shoves. I call without hesitation and I'm rather suprised to see AK. Flipping for 5k and effictively the whole tourney (Matt was getting short stacked at this point) and Richard has me covered. First card out is a 10 which gets me proper hard, but then the Q 9 board give me a bit of a sweat. I hold however and now have a fuck load of chips.

Theres a bit of back and fourth between all 3 of us and I lose a coulpe of pots I'm still chip leader. Then the second hand happens. B v B again Mr Muff raises and I flat K 7. Flop comes x A 7. Richard C/Rs all-in and puts me to a pretty big decision. I'm struggling to put him on an A much here and it's only for about 1/3rd of my stack. I tank for about 5 seconds (that's tanking for me) and call. He flips Q 8 and doesn't get there. He's very gracious in defeat and commends my call. I'm just glad to be rid of the fucker who had been a thorn in my side for the last 3 hours :-)

Quick break and myself and Matt get on with the Heads Up. First hand and I look down at KK and min raise (note: this was the first time in the entire comp that I had AA, KK or QQ. Pretty sick.). Matt insta-shoves and I beat him into the pot. He flips A5. This is looking rosey as fuck up to the turn with no sweats other than the 3 outer, and I can't believe I'm going to win this thing outright for £30k!....until the cruelest card of my playing 'career' so far hits the river and doubles him up. It's still hurtung now that one.

I now have a 3:2ish chip advantage and after a five more minutes of play we are pretty much even. We both decide that we just aren't sick enough to flip for 13k and do an even chop leaving 2k to play for. This is hard to swallow as I'm an advocate of never doing deals. On this one though I decided I'll have to be a hypocrite and a pussy and accept the deal. 3 hands later we are all in, my 99 vs his KQ and he bricks.

I get 1st place and £24650 for my efforts. I decide to leave £500 behind for the staff but have since been told that this is a lot. I don't know what the etiquette is so thought 1/2 a buy-in was fine?

I orignally posted of FB that I won £22900, but I had added up wrong as I got mixed up with a chunk of money I took out to play cash and I was also partially paid by cheque. I was too tired to actually look at what I had won in the split before I updated my status. Nice little surprise for my backers though as they all get a bit more - I'd told them the wrong % rate. gg maths.

And that's that. If you have got this far thanks for reading. It's tough to make hand histories sound interesting and I didn't really get into too many really head crushingly tough spots so this might be espsecially boring. I think it's a nice little spin-up story though as I satted into Blackpool megastack for about £20, won that for £3320 + added value PBBG seat and binked that £24650 there. This eclipses my previous biggest win which was £5500 last year in the Liverpool £250

It's good news as I no longer have to worry at all about paying for my wedding / honeymoon etc. It's also nice to get a chunky return to my backers as well as be able to treat my mates and family.

Just spotted that I got a mention in the Bluff Europe News :-)

....and the run good continues becasue, as I write this, I have just been give a £4.5k payrise at work. Boom.


I've noticed an upswing in traffic here recently so if anyone wishes to trade links etc give me a shout.

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