Busy Schedule

It looks like a busy month of live poker....

As stated in a previous post I was trying to qualify for the DTD GP day 2 which I managed fairly easily on my second attempt and I've also bagged another £200 ELE seat for a Genting event of my choice. This is August and Early Sept for me:

6th August - £100 Blackpool Megastack - £10k GTD
Played and failed. Never got going on Day 1a trying to play every hand and win every pot. Even the donks adjusted and I was soon on my way to The G to play cash. gg. I blame positive tilt for the previous weeks score.

12th August - £200 Manchester Megastack - £20k GTD
Thankfully the civil unreset seems to have cleared up so I'll be playing this for just the 2nd time. Busy day though with viewing wedding venues, going to Anfield for the opener against Sunderland then travelling back to Blackpool before setting back off to Manchester. No drinking for me this weekend :-(

20th August - €500 (equivalent) DTD Grand Prix Day2 - €250k GTD
As stated I qualified for this on my 2nd attempt. Looking like there could be a big overlay on this one so would be nice to run good. Everyone who has qualified is gtd €70 which just about covers the hotel room. Sharing a room with Rick 'DoubleBubble' Gilby who qualified in the same flight as me depite my best efforts to send him to the rail. Got a call from the hotel stating that they only have double rooms left so there is a good chance I'm going to lose my anal virginity - or at the very least get my ironing done*.

26th / 27th / 28th August - APAT WCOAP - HU / 6-max / Main Event
Playing 3 events this year along with Ky 'Awesome Hutch' Hutchinson. Again sharing a hotel room, but Rick will ahve probably have destroyed my shitter by then. Not cashed in an APAT even yet so time to change that I think.

3rd September - £100 Blackpool Megastack - £10k GTD
Need some leaderboard points as I've dropped to third. Obviously the only person who made Day 2 this month who could bother my 2nd spot manages to win the thing. FML.

Sat 10th Sep - £200 Manchester Megastack - £20k GTD
Use up my 2nd ELE Ticket

*Rick loves to iron you see - he's the bitch in his household and plays comps whilst his missus forces him to iron.

Around all of this I have to find some time to start helping with the wedding plans and I'm also off on a lads holiday to Zante 3rd week in September.

Will update with results as I get them



Fenix35 said...

Nice read,

gl in your live tourns this month!

Amatay said...

gl u facking donko