APAT WCOAP Trip Report - Part 2 / 4

The Adventures of NoCash and Hutch

Day 2 - Saturday 27th August

I wake up at about 9am to a majestic sight. A half naked science teacher giving me shit for snoring and banging on about the cricket 20/20 semi final. I'm surprised I managed breakfast after this...
No caption required
We got showered (not together) and went to find some munch. I needed some pain killers as the dentistry I had undertaken 24hrs earleir was hurting like a bastard so we popped over Sainsburys then to a pub next door. The Holiday Inn we stayed at wanted £13 for breakfast whereas it was £8 all you can eat at the Prem Inn 20 yards away. A credit card flip later and I was munching a free all you can eat cooked brekko. It tastes than much better when it's free!

We agreed on no drinking for the day and this lasted until exactly 12:33pm when we ordered a pint at the hotel bar and settled in to watch the cricket for an hour or so before our main event campaign began. Quick drive to DTD and we are at the bar for 2pm and decide to have '1 more'. The table draw is done and I'm on table 12 seat 9 which is a totally useless bit of info, but I have typed it now.

There's no one I know on my table but it seems friendly enough and I have a decent view of the screen for the Liverpool game which was nice. Table seems pretty soft apart from one or two seats which is good for me. I did, however, decide to drink throughout the match and this didn't really do me any favours. By the end of Level 3 I'm down to 6.5k from my original 15k starting stack. I'm not even going to use the lame excuse that everyone uses of 'running bad' because I was playing like a wanker and the beer was kicking in. I decided I'll lock up for a level then either chip up or get on the cash tables. Fortunately the former happened and I got into some good spots against the fish. One particualry nice hand is when I doubled with QQ. Oppo flatted my 4 bet OOP and flop came QJJ. He checked to me and I fired straight out. By the time I'd looked up, all of his chips were over the line and I couldn't get mine in quick enough. He had AJ. Q on the river sealed it and I was right back in it.

I continued to play really aggro during the day, but not overly so and I was timing it well. Not sure what time Hutch busted, but it was prob about 8pm - 9pm. Another mate James Robers (CCTV from Nutz.tv) was going equally well on the table behind me be he took a sicko beat and headed out around midnight. My stack was yo-yo'ing like a fucker, but I managed to win a few big flips - my favourite against Ant1966. His 2nd hand on my table he opens UTG and I look down at JJ and jam it in his eye. He snaps me off and knowing the nit he is I think I'm in trouble. He flips over AK and I hold. A few more hours play sees me end Day1a 3rd in chips with 225,000.

This was a proper grind and I'd hardly eaten all day. When I got over the 60k chip mark I'd slowed down on the drinking and had a few coffees which helped a lot. There was no dinner break at all and only a 15min break every 4 levels so it was pretty intensive. We started at 2:30pm and finished at close to 3am and I was cunted. Had a pint in the bar with Hutch who'd been ripping up the cash games. I listen to some story about him doing a fucking horrible slowroll and then asking me if I thought it was a slowroll - haha dick, it was the WORST slowroll ever mate.

Back to the hotel an in bed for about 4am.

Myself and Hutch and been fucking about on Twitter all weekend and having the piss out of each other so here are a few samples which should give you an idea of the tone of the weekend:

Dave Garden

Dave Garden


Amatay said...

Cant believe you 3b a utg open from Ant with JJ, are you crazay? You're lucky he had the bottom of his range there tbf.

Pissed myself at the tweets all weekends, twas jokes!

NoCash said...

I know..thing is when I didn't even notice it was him (shitty seat 9 - him in Seat 1, fat dealer). So when I stuck my head round and saw it was him snapping me off I was ready to get my coat.

Kevin Stevens said...

'got a bird on my table that looks like worzel gummage with his ugliest head on.'

Top,top work.