APAT WCOAP Trip Report - Part 4 / 4

The Adventures of NoCash and Hutch

Apologies for the delay. I cannot actually be arsed writing much for this one so I won't.

Cliffs for the day were:

  • Got up
  • Felt rough as shit
  • Played super aggro
  • Flipped well
  • Almost fell asleep
  • Hangover-puked on every break
  • Got the the FT with 2m of 6m chips in play
  • Got comedy railed by Hutch (World Champion Railtard 2011)
  • Knocked out 7 of the 8 other finalists
  • Won £12k and the title and went top of the APAT money list (No chops / deals / bubble bursters any anything else equally homosexual)
  • Masturbated

A fuck load of chips

Easy game

The End.



stumpy said...

ive waited all this time to read this shit put a proper writeup in ya lazy fooker

NoCash said...

haha no

rubbish said...

Got as far as "almost fell asleep" and promptly fell asleep. Far too long a post saved only by the gayest photos ever.
p.s. congratulations you uber fish.

NoCash said...

Fuck off you Taff bastard.

love you x

dD said...

u jammy cunt. part 4 was best entry imo, no waffling pish to trawl through, lol :)