2012 Plans

Word up

I was going to do a 2011 review, but it's a bit pointless - just read back the last 5 or so posts and you'll get the jist of what I achieved :-)

2012 is not going to be that big a year for me poker wise. I'm getting married so I need to save all my leave for a big fuck off honeymoon somewhere. Most of my annual leave goes from travelling to various comps etc so can't do too much of that.

Having said that, my first major comp of 2012 is this weekend at DTD - playing the £500 D/S. I won 4 or 5 seats to the £300 D/S last year, but never actually played. I had one left as added value from my APAT win and I binkend another in November so combined the two to play the £500 event and took the rest in cash. Expeceting a decent turnout and would be an great start to the year to get a nice cash under my belt.

Later in the month I'm of to Brighton (Cog's homo enclave) for the APAT Euro Championships. This will be my first APAT event since winning the WCOAP so will be good to catch up with some of the people I met there. Bit far to travel for a £75 comp, but making a w/e of it with the missus (if I bust out that is). Travelling down on the Friday and stopping at Crowne Plaza Heathrow in the club lounge. I've stayed here when working away and it's a nice gaff.

I may play a few sats to the Genting Poker Series event next month in Birmingham but won't be busting a gut to qualify or anything.

In terms of online poker, my goal for this year is just to make a profit. Last year was pretty turd for me. Currently playing PLO cash, but after a good start I'm now in the red. Still working on my game though so we'll see how it goes. Everything is being tracked via HEM this year.

Off to look at stag do options.