Quick update

Word up..

I had a terrible January online - ending 20 BIs below ev at 6-Max PLO which in turn caused me to spew a lot more. Even my 50% RB deal did little to help.

I also got involved in some live cash games where I broke the golden rule of NO DRINKING. I managed to do in a fair old chunk of change.

I qualified for one of the new GPS events and played Star City. Took a sick beat AA v JJ at the 200/400 level for almost 100k pot on Day1b and was out by 8pm!! Ended up having a good night at the bar though with some Blackpool regs and my mate Rick who I had travelled there with. Come 5am I was spannered and I think I made an enemy for life by asking Paul Zimbler if his voice was real and if he was a hobbit for about an hour.

I'm totally down on online at the moment and I am cutting right back until im back in the right frame of mind to play. Hutch is doing really well in the local live cash games and this is inspring me to play more. A Blackpool casino - The Paris - recently changed venue after a fire and has finally opened with regular private cash games £1 / £2 NLH, £5 / £5 NLH (which is completly bonkers by all accounts) and a DC game which I don't play.

Gonna give Fridays £1 / £2 a spin up and take if from there.

Starting planning my first of 3 stag days / night soon. First one will be for my 'poker' mates so if you are reading this, feel free to get involved. Probably be a £50er at DTD on the Friday then out in Notts on Sat to watch some Euro games / have deft bets / get leathered.

Gl fish