Reverse Bok

WTF? I started playing a comp as I was writing the crying post below and just came second for nearly $1.5k. I'll have to try this again some time.

I think I played ok (not sure about HU though - I suck HU and he was fairly decent). Will put my hands through a replayer and might post them up.

Shit Game Anyway


Upon hearing the news that Gay Hutch is going to start blogging, I thought I'd update my corner of the Internetz.

I read a lot of blogs and of of my pet hates is reading how people are 'running bad'. Is no one out there lucky at all? You are probably just shit. Well now it's my turn...and although I think I have run bad, I'm big enough to admit that I'm playing terribly as well. My game has just gone to shit. I'm tilting myself by making ridic plays constantly and it's getting quite bad now.

This is mostly online, I'm playing ok live (when sober), but, and I fucking hate to say this, I have run into an in-form Hutch on several occasions and ended up getting completely ironed out. FML. The most brutal was KK v AA on his last declared hand of the night for the absolute world. Fair play to him, he offered to chop the pot to steady our varience as we play a lot together, but I couldn't accept. A win is a win and perhaps his hand was face up a bit there, but surely I can't fold KK vs him with all the history. Nice offer, but it wouldn't have felt right taking it. I'll cooler him someday soon and get the lot. Twat.

I think a major factor in my poor play is I'm chasing the success I had last year instead of working on my game and concentrating on playing well. The biggest thing I've won so far is a £400 GPS seat. I played ok in the event and got unlucky (no really) with AA v JJ in a 100k pot at the 200/400 level. Puke.

Sports betting had been keeping me afloat but even that's not going so well now.

My plan of action is to really cut down the online play until I feel I'm playing better and play a bit more live. Having said that I need to get saving as my wedding is gonna wipe me out and I still need to pay for a honeymoon! Managed to blag a week in Vegas preceeded by a week in Chicago. It's going to be awesome, but not if I do my bollocks before I get there! I can't really play any major comps with weekday day1s as I need all of me leave for honeymoon and some time of at Xmas.

So....not quite on suicide watch yet. I'll just take a bit more notice of some of my other interests outside of poker for a while.

Stag party number 1
Mr Rick 'Double Bubble' Gilby is organising my first stag do of the year. I'm having three, mainly due to the fact that I like a drink. 1st is for my poker playing mates, 2nd is for 'normal' mates and 3rd is the local one that family can come to.

There are no details yet for my poker stag-do, but if you are reading this and are not a massive cunt, then feel free to come along. There is a thread here on RTR that will give the details when they are finalised.

This is all for now.