GP Series Challenge

Well shit on me, I managed the full 24hrs.

I'm top of the league by a fair old way, but Hutch ( is giving it a shot from midnight tonight. Not sure if anyone else will be putting in this kind of volume so it's looking like I have locked up 1st or 2nd place which will give me a gtd seat in Stoke. Unless someone snipers both of us last day. Hutch has the advantage of knowing my stats so he pretty much knows how much he has to play.

It was pretty tough going tbh and I felt ill after OD'ing on Caffeine early doors. My actual time at the tables was just under 22 hours - I intended to have more breaks than that but never really happened.

I did lose a fair bit more than I wanted to. Towards the end my head was so fucked, I was just pushing stacks in to keep myself entertained. I will make a bit of rakeback but nothing major. I made a mistake by buying in full each time instead of rat-holing with 20bbs or something. Fucking stupid move that and I could have save a lot I reckon. Ah well.

Not to get ahead of myself but and Hutch and I have decided to chop the additional 1st place money as long as we both occupy the 1 and 2 spots come Weds morning. This will cover my losses and probably pay the hotel, so the seat is a 100% freeroll.

We are both playing Day1b on Friday. August was a lucky month for me last year so lets see if we can make it a good one again!

24hr Speed Poker Grind

I'm currently 4th in a promo on Genting to win a £1k GPS package for Stoke next weekend. I intend to win the fucker by grinding for 24hrs from midnight tonight. Promo details below:

I think I know the optimum strategy given the scoring system, but I'm not going into it here as I know a lot of Hendon Mob regs will be trying this too.

The scoring works as follows:

(Raked Hands / Hands Played) * Winning Hands = Points

I will say that I will be 4 tabling - I tried more, but with such a short time to act on Speed Poker, I find it almost impossible to play more than 4.

I will be running an update thread on AWOP here:

Hutch is trying this on Tuesday as well. Hope to fuck he fails harder than I do.