24hr Speed Poker Grind

I'm currently 4th in a promo on Genting to win a £1k GPS package for Stoke next weekend. I intend to win the fucker by grinding for 24hrs from midnight tonight. Promo details below:


I think I know the optimum strategy given the scoring system, but I'm not going into it here as I know a lot of Hendon Mob regs will be trying this too.

The scoring works as follows:

(Raked Hands / Hands Played) * Winning Hands = Points

I will say that I will be 4 tabling - I tried more, but with such a short time to act on Speed Poker, I find it almost impossible to play more than 4.

I will be running an update thread on AWOP here:

Hutch is trying this on Tuesday as well. Hope to fuck he fails harder than I do.