August appears not to have let me down as my lucky month...

...but I'll get to that in a minute.

As stated in my last post, I traveled down to DTD for the APAT European Championships this weekend with Hutch and was meeting Rubbish there (see Rubbish's blog for more details of this trip).

We got there around 12pm and headed to Frankie and Benny's for 1pm to meet Rubbish had have a quick pint before DTD opened. After a quick catch-up and some piss-taking it was off to DTD for more beers and the 6-max comp. The plan was to get drunk for this then play the M/E sober (yeah ok).

The comp started around 2:30pm and I got off to a flyer hitting everything and taking a few out early. mbn. I was drinking at quite a quick pace now and playing a lot of pots. I don't remember much after pint 7 or 8 so I can't even report on my exit hand. Anyhow I had a few more pints with Rubbish and a few spins on roulette. The best of which was I threw £5 of my last £10 of chips on to number 13 and it came in for £180. I continued my spin-up on Blackjack and won another hundred or so.. Rubbish's blog has the details as I don't really remember.

Anyway, after running good at the we saw Hutch who was looking completely miserable after getting ironed out in a huge cash pot with AA v JJ aipf. He was ready to go back to the hotel, but we convinced him to come out in Notts instead.

Now things get truely fuzzy. I do remember inventing a new drink. First some background to this disastrous concoction....

One of my mates once saw an Irish guy in our local who was doing a tour of the UK with his mates, getting pissed in 50 different towns on 50 consecutive nights. How true this is, I don't know, but they said they were on night 37. This hardcore even by my high standards! Anyway my mate is chatting to this guy when one of his mates literally passes out at the bar. When he comes round, all he can say is 'Mega-Jaegar, Mega-Jaegar'. This Irish bloke explains what this means....

Mega-Jaegar is an inverted Jaegar-bomb. So instead of a shot of Jaegar in a glass of Redbull, it's the other way around. Myself and Ky have experimented with these before with some unsurprising results. One of which involved me being unable to speak and my missus finding my slumped in a garden near the local park after trying to walk home at 4am.

In fact - I had the biggest one ever on my stag do which was horrific - there is a video of it on my facebook  - not sure how to download it for the blog though...just add me on there.

Anyways - I decided on the Saturday night that Mega-Jaegar wasn't hardcore enough (and trust me, it really is) so I invented the Jaegarcunt. It's a mega-jaegar but with a shot of Sambuca in place of the Redbull. So named because, as soon as you drink it, you just go "oh, cunt"..and that was pretty much my Saturday night done. I wandered to the toilets, obviously got lost and made my way back to the hotel in a taxi.

Sunday was the M/E we were supposed to be staying sober for. I woke up feeling like a shit had done a shit in my mouth and seeing Hutch's massive coffee stain nipples (they are unreal) made me want to slit my own throat. I managed to get up and freshen up a bit, but couldn't face food. We headed straight to DTD where the only thing for it was to get back on the beer. I felt normal(ish) after two pints and was looking forward to playing. Rubbish arrived looking absolutely crushed. Ky wasn't drinking at all (like a good little pro) so I had a pint on hand ready so Rubbish couldn't leave me hanging.

I got off to a good start in the M/E flopping quads and stacking a guy who rivered the nut flush and was going along nicely. I don't really remember much to be honest other than being a bit of a fool at the tables and dicking about until I went busto. Rubbish had bust early and was propping up the bar and Ky was going well and grinding away. I sat at a £1/£1 game and promptly donked off a stack betting into flopped quads with air. How does that happen?! I reloaded and ran like god to get it up to close to £450 when they opened a £1/£1 PLO table. I moved over and bough in for the max of £250 and ironed that out pretty quickly. I reloaded and played almost every hand. I don't remember any hands at all, but I do remember outdrawing several people on a lot of occasions (including DTD reg Chinese Franky who was somewhat vocal about it!). Hutch finished Day 1 nicely stacked and sat for a while until he kindly helped me stack up over £1100 at about 2am. I was feeling the pace a bit then (I had 3 pints on the go at one point as was alternating between swigs of Guinness and cider) we bid Rubbish farwell and went for some kip.

Day 3, Monday and however bad I felt the previous day, times that by about 10. It was horrendous. I managed to drag myself up at about 10:30 and made a right mess in the bathroom. DTD didn't open until 2pm so went to Franky and Benny's and I bought us some breakfast which I managed to get down. I realised I hadn't eaten a single thing, not even a crisp, the previous day. No wonder I wasn't feeling great. We had to hang about in the car park for ages waiting for DTD to open, but when it did I immediately went to the cash desk to un-reg the PLO. As I'd bought in on-line I needed someone from APAT to assist, but no one was at the table to I just thought, fuck-it, it's something to do whilst Hutch grinds the main.

Unfortunately Hutch ran terribly in the M/E busting about 14th for £250 (ship the 10% though!), and I'd gained a rather playable stack in the PLO. Hutch went off to play some cash whilst I had a bit of a roller coaster in the PLO. I was running really well winning flips and 60/40s all over the shop and got up to about 100k with 2 tables left (10k starting). I ran into the chipleader in a bit of a cooler however and lost 70k with AAxx on a JQJ4J board. He obv had quads but I paid him off anyways with 3rd nuts. I made something of a comeback soon after and easily made the final although I was about 4/8 in chips. Queue some more running well and hands holding up - one particular bit of rungood was 4 players left and I'm big chip leader when I thought I was up against AAxx on a JT7 board. He check raised me all in and I had to call with my bare 7 and a back-door FD. He had 89Jx and I was crushed....until the BDFD smoked in. Pretty sick. I bust the chap in 3rd when I found AAxx again vs AKJx and held then finally won the comp after a short HU battle with AK63ss (playing any 4 with an 8/1 chip lead) on a 33J flop vs AJxx. Turn was the 6 and that was it.

Another August, another APAT gold medal and the European Amateur Omaha Championship in only my 2nd live PLO tournament.

The drive home at 12:30am was bad and I was only a passenger. I was just sooooo fkin tired, but a few bags in my pocket helped with the pain. I sorted Hutch out a bit for waiting for me and driving (he didn't have a % of the PLO comp) so hopefully that eased his losses if only just a little.

Not bad for a functioning alcoholic :-)

Speaking of which - I don't drink like this all the time, otherwise I'd just die. It's only once in a while I let myself go for it like this. After Vegas I'm taking some time off drinking completely so I'll be back to my normal quiet self at the tables.

Get over to Rubbish's blog for more in-depth details of the first few days. He has a better idea than me.

Thanks for reading.



rubbish said...

You are such a luckbox fish it's untrue. Well played though. Have a good wedding and honeymoon and I'll catch up with you sometime soon.

NoCash said...

Cheers man. Great to see you again! See you in Ireland?